Lecutre at Smålandsposten

Today Kiggs held a lecture about how it is to run his company ”Atomic Rabbit Productions”
This took place at Smålandsposten as a collaboration with Smålandsposten and Nyföretagarcentrum project ”Club Eget”
Club eget gives you a chance to connect and meet other companies.
A big thank you to Sandra Ruuda who gave Kiggs the chance to be the host of today.
Photo ny: Sandra Ruuda

Moderskeppet DSLR Online Course

Kiggs has finished filming his third online course for ModerskeppetGuld !
Moderskeppet wrote a post about it! Read it here
The course will teach you to get going with filming with your DSLR!
A super fun course that will be released in the near future!

Article about Kiggs

Our dear friend Sanna Hellberg has written a beautiful article about Kiggs and the work behind Spiritus Lepus! Read her amazing article here and be sure to follow her as she writes incredible articles.
The full interview:
In English: http://www.sannahellberg.com/23
In Swedish: http://www.sannahellberg.com/kiggs

West Side Story in Växjö

Philip is doing an awesome job with the Light Design for Highlights of Musicals ” West side story”
Book your tickets here

Cameraman at Närcon

This week Kiggs is working as a cameraman at the big cosplayfestival Närcon in Linköping Sweden. A wonderful festival filled with creative cosplayers and much more!


Spiritus Lepus WRAP!

That’s a WRAP for Spiritus Lepus! After 9 INSANE days! This has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life, I haven’t slept more than 3-4 hours a night, I have got several blackouts and completely forgot what I’m doing but then saved by the team! This has also been the most amazing experience ever! We have been deep inside Kleva Gruva, freezing our butts off! We have faced so many problems and solved them all! And today we did the last shots in Lekaryd! A BIG THANK YOU To Henryk at Kleva, Elisabet Carcamo Storm, Ädelfors folkhögskola and the entire crew of Spiritus Lepus! Now we will start the editing and I CAN’T WAIT until I can show you what we have created! Remember! If I can do it! So can you! Don’t let your dreams be dreams! I don’t! LOVE / KIGGS

Spiritus Lepus day 3

Day 3! We are deep inside the mine! No internet, no connection at all with the outside world! Evelina Olsson is rehearsing for her first scene as the technician Duckface! We will try to post updates as often as we can!