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Today Vetlanda newspaper wrote a wonderful article about us
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Spirits to be filmed in Kleva Mine
Kleva mine. A tribute to the forest of Småland (southern sweden)and Astrid Lindgrens fairy tail spirits

A tribute to the forests of Småland (southern Sweden) and Astrid Lindgren’s fairytale creatures. These are two of the cornerstones of the film that will be recorded in the Kleva mine this summer.

– Here at home hangs chests, ears and hands to dry and I have a box fille with human heads. All of this is props that the team and I have built for the spirits we call Rabbit humanoids.

Briefly, the film, called “Spiritus Lepus,” tells the story about a guy who lost a loved one and feel a great sadness.

In this sadness he is found by a Rabbit humanoid that takes him into the underworld where something is not as it first seems.
Behind the upcoming film stands Växjö residents Kristofer “Kiggs” Carlsson, Philip Carcamo, Linnea Lofthus and Per von Schantz. Four people with a background in video and television production who decided to make a film together.

Today they are a team of 30 people, including actors from London, who all work voluntarily and learns everything about filmmaking along the way. Among other things, the creation of props.

– We enjoy creating together, and we do something of what we have.
We can’t afford to hire someone in Hollywood to make our props.
When Star Wars was created they tested themselves forward with what they had and we do exactly the same. I didn’t know how to build a torso but I have learned.

The inspiration for the film Kristofer got because he felt that he missed the beings that existed in story books he read when he was a child.

– I thought, and still think such things are so cool! It is a shame that there has been no such film since Ronja (Swedish film) , now it’s just Hollywood everywhere.

The choice of Kleva mine as the set is connected with a visit Kristofer did there ten years ago. He decided right then that he wanted to visit the mine again.

Mine owner Henryk Hoerner liked the idea of the movie being recorded in the mine and said yes.

– This is a great group of young people who are incredibly committed so it seemed obvious to say yes, he says.

During five days, 1-5 July, the film crew access the mine. The film will then be a short film of about 20 minutes but a release date has not been set by the team yet.

– We have said that we should not release the film until we feel that it is completely finished and we have promised ourselves that it will be released for free online. Our budget consists of what individuals donated to us and because of that we want the film to be available for free sais Kristofer

The film Spiritus Lepus (Rabbit spirit) will be shot in Kleva Mine 1-5 july. To follow the teams progress and see pictures and behind the scenes material visit Spiritus Lepus on Facebook and Instagram
A testfilm also called Proof of concept can be seen on youtube if you search: Spiritus Lepus testfilm.

Kiggs at Moderskeppet Instagram!

This week Kiggs is in charge of Moderskeppet Instagram! 
(Omg they don’t know who they let in)
During this week Kiggs will post pics and videos from the creative field!
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CARCAMO – Palett Video Released!

We have now released our Music Video for swedish artist ”Carcamo”

Philip in West Side Story

New scene project!

In August ”West Side Story” will open at Växjö Theatre. Philip stands for the visual design.
Follow the production of
Highlights of Musicals page on Facebook by clicking here.
And come and see the show of course!


Reportage i Smålandsposten

Today swedish “Smålandsposten” posted an article about us!
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Moviezine article!

Not only is there just 46 hours left of the Kickstarter Campaign but the best moviesite in Sweden just wrote about us! Moviezine!
We feel so happy we don’t know what to do! What an honor!
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CARCAMO – Music Video shoot!

This weekend we had an awesome music video shoot with CARCAMO  for their new song Palett!
A big thank you to all the extras who fought so hard dressed in just onepiece and tank tops during rain, storm and snow!
Photo by : Oskar Nordmark