Spiritus Lepus appointed as Kickstarter “Staff Pick”

WHOA! Holy Rabbit! Things are going really well! We just received the awesome news that the Kickstarter team LOVES Spiritus Lepus! We are now officially a “Staff Pick” !
A true honor!!

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THIS IS AMAZING! We haven’t even got the opportunity to post about the release of our
Kickstarter Campaign and we already reached our goal! THANK YOU!!
You are truly amazing! The campaign still goes on for 27 days so lets see how far we can go!

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Kickstarter Campaign released

We have now released our Kickstarter Campaign for our Short Film Spiritus Lepus!
The goal is set to 40:000 sek! You can contribute with at least 50 sek or more.

You can contribute with 50 sek or more! ( in Sweden buying a cider at the pub is more expensive than 50 sek which is around 5 $.)

If you do this not only do you make sure the film gets made, you also get some exclusive awesome rewards as an extra thank you!
If we succeed and get 40:000 sek after 29 days we get to KEEP the money. If we don’t reach our goal then we get nothing and NO MONEY will be withdrawn from your account.

*** LETS DO THIS!***
We really hope that you want to help us!
You don’t have to contribute but if you do then we are forever grateful.
We will post a video on how you can contribute soon if you think its difficult.
Until then spread this link, back the project and THANK YOU for all support!
Oh and don’t forget to click the Kickstarterlink!


Music Video Course released!

Moderskeppetguld has now released the online course ”Create a Music Video”.
In this course (in swedish) Kiggs will take you through the process of making an awesome
Music Video! Watch the entire course (and many other fantastic ones) at Moderskeppetguld

Spiritus Lepus Test Film released!

We have now released the test film for our upcoming short ”Spiritus Lepus”

Spiritus Lepus Vlog 7

We have now released our seventh vlog for Spiritus Lepus

Philip light designer for ”Christmas show”

This weekend Philip did the light for
”Christmas show with John Martin Bengtsson”

”The lighting is absolutely brilliant” sais the reviewer

Read the review here (in swedish)