Music Video course finished

Kiggs has now finished recording his online course ”Music Video (in swedish)”
at Moderskeppetguld! A big thank you to Filip Pilthammar and the wonderful
crew at Moderskeppet.

Commercial for Circus Glass Royale

Kiggs is currently working on a commercial for Circus Glass Royales show BauBau
A wonderful show with a mix of glass and comedy.



Philip Olsson Music Video released

We have now released guitarist
Philip Olssons first solovideo ”Water”

In collaboration with ModerskeppetGuld


Music Video Course for ModerskeppetGULD

Kiggs has now recorded his second video course ”Att skapa en musikvideo” (To create a music video)
It will be available at ModerskeppetGULD

Photo by: Filip Pilthammar

dEMOTIONAL Tarassis Album Preview

Kiggs made a preview for dEMOTIONALs upcoming album Tarassis

Kiggs – Cinematographer

This weekend Kiggs worked as the cinematographer during the shoot of ”Love today”.
A short film written and directed by Mehdi Razi

Spiritus Lepus Vlog6

We have now released our sixth vlog for Spiritus Lepus