”Film with a team ” – Online course out now!

Today ModerskeppetGULD released Kiggs new online course ”Film with a team”
In this course Kiggs will give you the basics in how to film with a film crew.
Head over to ModerskeppetGuld and watch the course now! The course is in Swedish

STEELE in Rolling Stone Mexico!

Rolling Stone Magazine in Mexico has written these wonderful words about our music video for Swedish artist STEELE

Filming with DSLR – Online Course out now!

Today ModerskeppetGULD released Kiggs new online course ”Filming with your DSLR”
In this course Kiggs will get you started with filming with your DSLR!
Head over to ModerskeppetGuld and watch the course now! The course is in Swedish


You can now watch my lecture about ”Filming with DSLR” for free at


Shot at Stockholmsfotomässa 2015


Yesterday I had the great honor to receive Regions Kronobergs Youth Scholarship for my job with @spirituslepus The motivation is: With high artistic ambitions, courage and an uncompromising spirit, Kristofer Carlsson Kiggs
makes what seems impossible possible.
With a clear vision and an ability to inspire others, he brings hope for the film’s future

I’m almost a little touched! This means so much to me! It really motivates me to fight on and never give up!
A big THANK YOU to all the Regions Kronoberg for this amazing award! A big thanks to my lovely Rabbit Crew and for all the support I receive around the world! I will do everything I can to make sure that Spiritus Lepus will mesmerize you! To you who reads this, Fight! Fight ! FIGHT! You can! Fight for your dreams! Now I’ll sneak off and write the feature film …….

Stockholms fotomässa (Photo Convention)

Last week Kiggs worked as a lecturer and salesman together with Moderskeppet at the swedish ”Stockholms fotomässa” (Photo convention). Kiggs held two lectures at the biggest stage about ”How to film with DSLR” A true honor.



Filming ”The Legends – Alive in concert”

Yesterday Kiggs filmed tribute band The Legends – A tribute to Elvis Presley – Roy Orbison – Jerry Lee Lewis
An amazing concert that took place atLouis De Geer hall in Norrköping Sweden !  Find out more about The Legends here

Lecutre at Smålandsposten

Today Kiggs held a lecture about how it is to run his company ”Atomic Rabbit Productions”
This took place at Smålandsposten as a collaboration with Smålandsposten and Nyföretagarcentrum project ”Club Eget”
Club eget gives you a chance to connect and meet other companies.
A big thank you to Sandra Ruuda who gave Kiggs the chance to be the host of today.
Photo ny: Sandra Ruuda

Moderskeppet DSLR Online Course

Kiggs has finished filming his third online course for ModerskeppetGuld !
Moderskeppet wrote a post about it! Read it here
The course will teach you to get going with filming with your DSLR!
A super fun course that will be released in the near future!

Article about Kiggs

Our dear friend Sanna Hellberg has written a beautiful article about Kiggs and the work behind Spiritus Lepus! Read her amazing article here and be sure to follow her as she writes incredible articles.
The full interview:
In English: http://www.sannahellberg.com/23
In Swedish: http://www.sannahellberg.com/kiggs